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The Sports Law &¬†Welfare Association of India (SLAWIN) is a nonprofit, national, professional, organization whose common goal is the understanding, advancement, and ethical practice of,¬†“Sports Law” in India for the promotion of Sports, by bringing Legal Practitioners and Sports persons together.The front pages of newspapers are a daily reminder of human folly, be it corruption, bribery, rape, murder, Illicit sex and drug abuse.

That is why many of us bypass the news and turn to sports in search of something more inspiring. Yet lately sports has had an uncharacteristic run on the front page due to its own failing. Stories such as the Olympic games bidding scandal, the Peter Korda drug doping affairs, and Cricket series of stumbles over mach fixing, payments from bookies and Ranatunga debacles Demonstrates the obvious– sports has a dark side like other affairs .

Of course, sports has always had its disputes – a notable feature of late is the increasing and decisive role of lawyers in settling outcomes.

Further, recent victories by Arjuna Ranatunga over the International Cricket Council and Korda over the International Tennis Federation were widely condemned because lawyers exploited legal loopholes in the sporting rules-book. Malcolm Speed, the Australian Cricket Board’s Chief Executive, doesn’t like the fact the sport is a growth industry for lawyers; but nowadays, he says, legal training is crucial for professional sports administrators.